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Dic n Hel ‘ The Painters’ a Storytelling and Music performance in Nursery Schools

Dic’n’Hel -Storytelling and Music workshop

The Painters

A participatory workshop performance for  Pre school playgroups and Nursery schools

Length :  one hour

Performed in classroom setting for one class.

Cost £300 per day ( half days possible ) Many Nurseries have only one group in the morning and one in the afternoon – however there are some of a  larger size this will require  an available alternative space / hall for the performance

Two painters arrive to decorate the classroom and discover that the children want to help them. They help Helen with her excersises ( she likes dancing) and when Dick has arranged the ladders and the paints he discovers that he has lost his favourite book ( The Very Hungry Caterpillar ) Helen doesn’t know this book and the children and Dick tell her the story, then they act it out with half of the class making percussive music.  Things seem to be going well  until Dick discovers that his paints have lost all their colour. Luckily the children are ( with Helens help ) able to use their magic powers to bring all the colours back so Dick can finnish painting his Rainbow.

The Painters is an interactive session where the children are involved in movement , music , storytelling, acting and singing

I’ve toured this show with Helen Woods for 10 years now  – it’s been to every nursery school in Cardiff ( even to many Welsh speaking ones) – however they nearly all had it for free so paying £300 for a day may well be beyond them.

It’s really only suitable for Pre school and nurseries as it contains Real magic – ie they have to really believe that they have the ability to perform magical acts. Reception and Year 1’s have lost this power .

Adding Colour to the Curriculum
Music and Storytelling Projects
for Pre School and Foundation Phase
Richard Berry and Helen Woods
5 Ovington Terrace
Tel: 029 20 229 009
Mobile: 07779 504 594



Bert’s Magical Musical Kitchen 

Bert is having a party for Mayor Daphne Dil. There’s a lot to do though; he has to prepare the food, invite the guests and plan party games. Luckily Bert’s friend Cherry is there to help and his musician friends will be bringing some great music. What could possibly go wrong?

We see Bert make a cake live on stage and whilst the butter, sugar, eggs and flour are mixed to make a delicious cake the musical ingredients combine to form a beautiful and inventive score. Whilst waiting for the cake to bake, Bert and his friend Cherry sing silly songs, make magic, music and mayhem and get ready for a special birthday party with the Mayor.

For more information about the show, contact Arts Active

Phone: 029 2087 8574

Email: a2@artsactive.org.uk




A review of  Tiddly Prom

Western Mail July 11th 2011


IF there is one word to describe the Tiddly Prom, it’s delightful.


Staged as part of the wider Welsh Proms, this show created especially for the little ones hooks you in from first moment to the last.


The Tiddly Prom, or Bert’s Magical Musical Allotment to give it its proper title, is produced by Arts Active – the education, community and Audience Engagement department of St David’s Hall and the New Theatre.


It is performed by seasoned actors Richard Berry (as the eponymous Bert) and Helen Woods (as Bert’s bessie mate Cherry) and the duo are joined by the Tiddly Prom Brass Trio.

We join Bert on his allotment as we find out how his garden grows through the seasons with silly songs, lots of laughs and a little unscripted mayhem – as both actors interact and improvise to great effect with an entranced audience of under-5s.

The fact that they hold the attention of easily distracted pre-schoolers – not known for their ability to sit anywhere for any length of time – for the whole of the charming 45 minute show is testament to the magical story both actors weave, the fun nature of their rollicking songs they perform and the fact the whole show cracks along at a rapid fire pace.

The musical accompaniment from the brass trio is wonderful, while the educational value of the show – as we learn about the seasons and how our garden grows, is equally as valuable.

Tiddly it may be titled, but massive is the impression it will leave on your child.

4 out of 5 Stars




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