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Ghost of Auntie Mable 1

Ghost of Auntie Mable 1

Ghost story notation year 6 Blaenavon VC Primary school November 2016


RB Pricigin Split 2010

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Storytelling with the Best 2011 – 2016

Updated : 30th August 2018 2018

Croeso – Welcome   This is the website for Richard Berry – Also known as Dick / Dic Berry  I am a Director of WA WA Ltd  – Click on the link on the bar beneath the header photo.

I live in Cardiff , South Wales, UK. You can contact me through this site or Facebook – better still phone or email rjhberry@msn.com 07 779 504 594 029 20 229 009


You may have reached this site because of my work or Community interests.
I work as a Traditional Storyteller,  I'm a writer and theatre worker - I also work with drama / role play and communication skills. I have  an interest in Early Years Education.
CLICK on the bars at the top of the page
Funding for my work is often available from the Night Out scheme ( Arts Council of Wales ) :
 go to the bottom  of the Night Out page and click on search – then type in ‘ Richard Berry’ – it should bring up all my current shows
BELOW are various ramblings and some past projects…… only revised when I remember to bring things up to date……………………………………..


Click below to view a video of an Intergenerational Storytelling project  – Speaking & Listening supported by Linc Cymru Housing Association with pupils from St Michaels RC Primary School , Newport . Video Vivian Thomas . Photos David Berry www.davidberryphotographer.com

Video here : Speaking & Listening   Recent projects have been at St Michaels Newport  – and also at Glenboi Primary school , Aberdare – financially supported by RCT Homes. ‘Speaking and Listening ‘ project at Kitchener road school , Cardiff. Stephanie Roberts has been following up my project at St Michaels and Capel Court Residential Home with her Marvellous Mozaics. Connecting The Ages is an art and literacy school project that I am so proud to have taken part in. We developed the project to show the importance of connecting children with the elderly through the ancient art of storytelling and design.


Funding has been provided by The Cardiff Council  Cultural Projects Scheme 2016 / 2017 as well as Communities First via South Riverside Community Development Centre .


Also in five schools in the Torfaen district funded by the Arts Council of Wales and Welsh Assembly Government Creative Schools scheme. 2016 / 2017

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We are hoping to invite Ip Wischin back to Cardiff very soon ………………….

Shoot / Edit & Show

Shoot a movie in a weekend
June 18th  and 19th 2016
A weekend workshop led by Ip Wischin Founder at Vienna Filmcoach and dramatic advisor at Sonovista and regular director at Hollywood Student Filmschool. This will be his third visit to Wales – he ran a series of lectures and workshops in May 2011 and 2014
Ip Wischin will run a workshop and lead a weekend of practical movie making again in 2017.



Kokoro Japanese Ghost Stories and Tales of the Heart

This show is now available

Hiroko Sue

Mukashi, Mukashi , Long long ago in old Japan there was and there was not ……………………….. A programme of traditional Japanese stories ,songs and Koto music with Richard Berry – the Storyteller and Hiroko Sue – the Koto player and singer.


RB & GE Onamatapia & Bumble Dore‘ Tales from the Trunk ‘ a storytelling and drama workshop presentation for primary schools Is now Available  //////////////////////////////////////////////////


Bert & Cherry’s Christmas Plum Pudding is back …………………….bert and cherry christmas plum pudding St Davids Hall, Cardiff 15th  & 17th December 2018   This special performance from the Tiddly Prom team brings Bert, Cherry and many of their musical friends back together for fun and frivolity.

Featuring songs from Bert’s three popular Tiddly Proms alongside festive favorites, this interactive live musical show is an ideal way for the under 5s to re-introduce the adults they look after to Christmas. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUeuiRX-yeo ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

National Storytelling Week 2018  at Tintern Abbey

///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// An hour of tales and music  for the Christmas season The Christmas Story

Richard Berry and Cath Little


This is suitable for family groups But can be adapted for any age.

Fee by negotiation – only a limited number of dates are  available.

Richard Berry  07 779 504 594 / 029 20 229 009

////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// I ………………………………………………….. Storytelling at the Smallest Welsh Folklore Museum in Wrexham  with the wonderful Bakehouse Factory Croeso! Welcome! The story has begun… The Smallest Welsh Folklore Museum filled with magic & fun. Tales of Dragons & Fairies will delight & surprise, with story tellers, treasure hunts & feasts for your eyes. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////


Bert’s Magical Musical Kitchen is going to be touring around Wales this summer! 2016



Bert is having a party for Mayor Daphne Dil. There’s a lot to do though; he has to prepare the food, invite the guests and plan party games. Luckily Bert’s friend Cherry is there to help and his musician friends will be bringing some great music. What could possibly go wrong?


We see Bert make a cake live on stage and whilst the butter, sugar, eggs and flour are mixed to make a delicious cake the musical ingredients combine to form a beautiful and inventive score. Whilst waiting for the cake to bake, Bert and his friend Cherry sing silly songs, make magic, music and mayhem and get ready for a special birthday party with the Mayor.


arch 2012 @ st Catherines Church Hall, Kings Road , Pontcanna , cardiff. Suitable for all ages . £6 includes cake and Tea / Coffee . http://www.undyprimary.monmouthshire.sch.uk/  a link to Undy Primary School website where I’m working on an intergenerational project with class 5 children ( 10 year olds ) and their local elders in their community. This is with Monmouthshire Housing Association. This link isn’t brilliant as it keeps taking you to the home page – So I will try and capture it and paste here. …………………….. Intergenerational Storytelling project             ………………………………. Friday 10th February 2012

We are pleased to welcome back Taffy Thomas MBE
The out going Storyteller Laureate
With more ‘ Tale Coat Stories and Porky Pies ‘
7.30pm @ Chapter Arts Centre, Market road , Canton , Cardiff, CF5 1QE
£7 / £5 (Tickets on the door )

…………………………………………………………………………Taffy Thomas will be visiting the Young Storytellers of Newport at St Michaels RC Primary school , Pill, Newport on Friday 10th February 2012 @ 11am ……………………………………. Storytelling Sunday’s 14th and 28th August 2011 3pm  with Richard Berry – Guto Dafis and Cath Little     CLICKING on most of the Images should enlarge them  …… ///////////////////////////////////////// Tiddly Prom @ St Davids Hall       An Arts Active Video :                                Berts Magical Christmas message 2011        

Albert Einstein on the Value of Fairy Tales A concerned mother once visited Albert Einstein to get his advice on how to help her son become really good in maths. Exactly what was she to read for him to help him evolve into a prominent scientist? “Folk tales,” said Einstein. “All right,” said the mother, “and after that?” “More folk tales,” said Einstein. “And after that?” the mother asked again. “Still more folk tales” answered Einstein

1st July 2011
Music Hall Photo’s
‘ Alltogether Now ‘ music hall show with pupils from St Michael’s RC Primary School and residents from Capel Court  residential home in Pill, Newport –
16th June 2011
The Storytelling Market Place at St Michael’s Primary – Today it was the parents turn to hear the six stories. Next week it’s the Old Time Music Hall – Tuesday 21st June @10am  and then on Thursday 23rd @ 11am and at 1.30pm  a visit to the Capel Court Residential Home for more Storytelling from year 5.
St Michaels RC Primary School ,Newport, Wales .
The Storytelling Club perform to
the Foundation Phase children.
16th April 2011
Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff – 40 years young . Celebrations all this week.
I’ve only known you and used you since 1975 ( 36 years or so )
Storytelling Sessions today there with Cath Little and myself. About 80 people and a good time was had …..
1st April 2011
Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson were out camping. In the middle of the night they both awoke and Holmes looking up asks Watson . ” What do observe Watson ? ” Watson looks and replies ” Stars ” Yes? What else says Holmes. Er Sky Yes And a few clouds…… And what else ? Watson is struggling here Er ! I’m not sure Holmes Well it’s elementary my dear Watson. Someone has stolen the tent ….
Thanks to Arthur for the above joke.
18th March 2011
New Page added  – see the top bar of the home page. Japanese Stories with Hiroko Sue.
7th March 2011
Started today at St Michaels RC Primary and also at Pillgwenlly Primary School
This is a whole series of storytelling workshops going right through to June 2011. All funded by Linc-Cymru and St Michaels School.  This is an intergenerational project similar to the one at St Michaels last summer which involves also Capel Court and Capel Grange homes for the Elderly.
21st February 2011
This should be a day of admin – a long list of work and family related things to do . And I keep finding other things to do !! More Tea and biscuits coming up.
Much to look forward to this week – Bristol tomorrow to meet old friends  -Unversity Drama teaching starts – Shows to see ……….  Sarah Trickey playing at St Davids Hall on Friday, Fresh apples at Tactile Boshe, Italy -Wales Rugby on Saturday……………………………..
Monday 14th February 2011
Oracy ? It doesn’t trip off the tongue easily …………………..
To Oxford for a conference on Storytelling as a tool to lead children towards writing. Pie Corbett is the leading light and key speaker . He has developed a programme of work that schools seem to love. Some have adopted his methods and are it seems having great results. ie they are finding improvements across the board  in other subject areas ( behaviour ? ). For many years educationalists have been vilified for not getting children ( especially boys ) reading and writing  competently. Many leave school without these skills – business leaders and politicians have pointed the finger strongly at teachers . Teachers have become increasingly scared of being branded as ‘ poor teachers ‘ – they fear for their jobs / promotion. Who can blame them. However the fault doesn’t lie entirely with them. TV and other outside influences all make it difficult to engage pupils  in the joy of reading so it has often been a difficult and thankless task . Failure is difficult for professionals to live with. Parents have often pushed for their children to learn to read and write at an early stage ( Pre school pressure has been there for many years).
My concern is that as a Storyteller  – also a parent of Dyslexic children and having had a degree of difficulties all my life with reading and writing – is that this drive to use storytelling as the stepping stone towards r & w may undervalue the power of oracy ie the spoken word and the daily exchanges that are conducted almost entirlely with the spoken word  gesture and pause – the daily speaking and listening that is our primary tool in the essential task of sharing our dreams / visions/ ideas with other humans. Yes Storytelling  is fun ( and that can seem like a dangerous thing to have in school )Storytelling is difficult to evaluate /mark. It is slippery – one moment it’s there and the next it’s gone. We  as educationalists like and need the proof of our good work. Well the proof for me is there in the faces , in the silence , in the concentration, in the joy , in the bubble of laughter, in the serious concern for the characters of the stories.  But try voicing that to the business bosses and worried parents that are scared that we are doomed without reading and writing whilst still in our nappies.
So much of schooling / education is felt by many pupils as being just a facade – ie how can I get away with looking interested today. How can I please the teacher person ?
Storytelling and the arts in general are the only subjects ( ? ) that acknowledge our inner world – the world of our hopes and dreams. The educational system we have inherited is I believe well past it’s sell by date.
Is this programme of work in danger of missing the big trick – Does it actually make a judgement on storytelling – Storyteling . I’m certain it would be way down Martin Amis’s list of priorities – he would have to be comitted to a metal asylum before he’d start storytelling -especially with young people.
We live in a heirachical society and storytellikng is of very low status – tittle tattle, gossip, telling tales,daydreaming ,-it’s not easily marked so can’t be held to account -yet it is our primary means of communication. Our children deserve to have their precious ideas and fears being valued.
Reading and writing are valuable ( essential tools ) but lets not undervalue oracy.
Chinese New Year Celebrations – Cardiff Central Library  5th February 2011
The Year of the Rabbit
2nd February 2011
Planning today for our Storytelling evening @ Chapter Arts Centre this coming Sunday 6th Feb @8pm.
This will be a performance evening ( we usually sit in a Circle and share our stories -once a month – The Cardiff Storytelling Circle that is ) . I’m also gathering stories of Rabbits ! For a storytelling session at the Central Library , Cardiff this Saturday 1 and 2 pm. It’s Chinese New Year ‘the year of the Rabbit ‘
8th January 2011
Peter and Gorg Chand performed at the WMC today – Great stuff. We hope to get them back soon. If you want to be kept in touch with Storytelling events in Cardiff email me @ : rjhberry@msn.com I send out a monthly newsletter.

Peter and Gorg Chand @ WMC 8th Jan 2011

8th January 2011
Peter Chand and his brother Gorg are performing at the Wales Millennium Centre today at 12 noon. Always a joy. A Free performance . Presented by Beyond the Border International Storytelling Festival. I’ll add a link to their website ( Links via top bar ).
The Cardiff Storytelling CircleDiary for 2011 is now available on their website ( on the Links page  and above )
5th October 2010
Up to my eyes in a community play in Newport – The Forgotten  – a musical based on the Chartist uprising in 1839 when 20 people were killed outside the Westgate Hotel – Gone but not Forgotten. It plays at The Riverfront Theatre , Newport in the first week of November.
16th August 2010
Wonderful afternoon of Storytelling and fun at Insole Court Gardens yesterday – Storytelling with the superb Cath Little –  two more Picnics in the Park  to come  – both at Insole Court 1 to 5pm . 22nd ( with Guto Dafis )and 29th August 2010.
Bring a picnic .
2nd August 2010
Cardiff Storytelling Circle meeting last night was full of surprises and some wonderful tales. Barry Tobin led off with a reminder that we are now entering winter ( according to the old celtic calendar ) – just as I was begining to enjoy the summer ! This was followed up by Austin revisting an old Irish story of the Cow that could provide milk for all Eire and a good deal of magic and a grand quest thrown in – Austin delved deep in his memory and rebuilt the story,all be it a little tattered  – an epic feat of memory and great fun too. Richard created a Tale of Warning set in Germany but mainly at the gates of heaven and hell. He created this story during a recent trip on the Rhine. This resulted in a string of heavenly gate stories.Eric followed with a True story from his family of a haunted Steamer ship- he has a relative who knows the story to be true. He convinced us ( partly …. there were are a few doubters ). Diana ( who was originally going to see a film)joined us and gave us a story of her late aunt Betsy . A wonderful tribute to a loved relative. Phillip then transported us to the far north with a tale of Thor ,Loki, Freya and other Nordic gods . Elinor almost brought us back to earth with another pearly gate story of God playing at being a Doctor.And  we finished up with Paul giving us his version of a Jack and the Mermaid tale ( Via Duncan Williamson and Michael Harvey ) – a bold and funny telling (with Seagull effects courtesy of the Canton flock of gulls. Again I feel refreshed and my batteries recharged after another Cardiff Storytelling Circle gathering.
27th to 29th July 2010
Storytelling Workshops at The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff
Great fun and a chance to share storytelling skills with not only the children but some of their parents and two wonderfully talented RWCMD students – Beth and Clifford. Thanks to them both for their support and hard work.
July 19th to 24th 2010
I’m Performing this week at St David’s Hall , Cardiff with the wonderful Helen Woods in ‘Berts Magical Musical Farmyard ‘ @ 11am daily. Music , songs and plenty of fun for the very young and those who care for them.
2nd July 2010
Lots of Storytelling events  coming up – this weekend is especially Busy !
Beyond the Border – International Storytelling Festival.
Friday to Sunday 2nd – 3rd and 4th July 2010 at St Donats Castle – here’s the programme :
Join us in the Peoples Palace on Sunday afternoon – a great place to share some stories.
The Cardiff Storytelling Circle will meet this coming Sunday 4th July @ 8pm
at Chapter Arts Centre ( meet in the bar – if you miss us ask at reception )
Bring a Story to share . £3 contribution towards the room hire .
Some Storytelling also at : Maindee in Newport, Gwent. Saturday 3rd July
Robin and Bina Williamson are also busy :
Jul 2010
Date Event Location
Thu 1st Robin Solo An Sanctoir
Nr Bantry 00353 2751567
Fri 2nd Robin Solo Seamus Ennis Centre
Naul nr Dublin
00353 275 1567
Sat 3rd Robin Solo Dingle 00353 6691 59191
Sun 4th Robin Solo The Clonmel Junction Festival 00353 52612 9339
Sat 10th Robin & Bina The Chapter Arts Centre, Firstspace. Library Street, Cardiff 02920 311 050
Wed 14th Robin & Bina Burnett’s Hill Chapel nr Narberth 01646 685144
Fri 16th Robin Solo St. Peter’s Church
Harrogate 01423 860 774
Sat 17th Robin Solo Hebden Bridge Festival
Trades Club 01422 845 265
19th-30th Robin Solo Spanish Dates TBC
31st  Robin & Bina The Pales Meeting House
Llandrindod Wells www.hmwquakers.org.uk/
01597 851 543
And at the Wales Millennium Centre
Saturday 10th July 2010
12pm Glanfa Free
Saturday Storytelling with Richard Berry and Hiroko Sue
Presented by Beyond the Border Wales International Storytelling Festival
Storyteller Richard Berry joins Japanese Koto player Hiroko Sue for an hour-long performance of the original Romeo & Juliet story through words and music, as well as other tales of romance, passion and intrigue…
Further afield but well worth the journey :
The very wonderful ‘ Festival at the Edge ‘ 16th to 18th July 2010
15th May 2010
I’m Storytelling at Clyne Gardens , Blackpill, Swansea tomorrow ( Sunday 16th May ) 3 to 5pm. Lovely gardens with a Storytelling Tree and some wooden benches. It usually attracts family groups. There’s probably a band playing as well – So a good place for an afternoon out.
12th April 2010
Thanks to everyone who made my recent travels so rewarding.
I travelled by coach,train and ferry through England , France, Italy , Croatia, Austria, Czech Republic and Germany. Performing at Split and in Vienna.
I claimed I was working but it seems I was just having a good time !
18th March 2010
I started working with one class of year 5 pupils at St Michaels Primary School, Newport  today
Great group -supportive and positive staff.  I will be running storytelling workshops with them all next term.
Culminating with performances at The Maindee Festival, Newport in July
10th March 2010
Harold Pinters play ‘ A kind of Alaska ‘ is on at Chapter Arts Centre tonight. www.chapter.org
An important play as well as an important production for a new company of very experienced performers. All under the Direction of Julie Barclay.
Saturday 6th march 2010
Moving Being Productions: Shoot/Get Treasure/Repeat by Mark Ravenhill
Mon 1 — Sat 6 March 2010
Mark Ravenhill is one of the most influential and significant writers in British theatre today. It has been said that ‘he has more to say, and says it more refreshingly and wittily than any other playwright of his generation’. This epic collage of short plays explores the personal and political effect of war on modern life. Geoff Moore directs this Welsh premiere in a multimedia production with a large cast featuring many familiar faces from Welsh theatre and television, including Richard Berry, Janet Fieldsend, Gerran Howell, Stuart Hulse, Korah Knight, Miranda Knight, Gary Knowles, Richard Lynch, Lauren Phillips, Ri Richards, Frank Rozelaar-Green, Dewi Savage, Rhodri Thomas and Peter Wooldridge. The Illuminations Chorus, under the direction of Matthew Bailey, contribute powerful live music to the production. Sunday 21st February 2010
I traveled up to a very crowded London town yesterday to see ’11 and 12′ at the Barbican – it was an interesting but not especially inspiring piece. I left feeling unmoved . Good performances generally ……….. but but but ……….. especially since I’ve seen some stunning work recently from Wales. – and there are more interesting pieces to come ‘ A kind of Alaska’ and ‘ Shoot / get treasure / repeat ‘ both at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff very soon
Friday 12th Feb 2010- Dave Berrys’ funeral ( no relation of mine – just a great friend and the sweetest man  )….and wake after at Chapter – Janine Cooper Marshall and Terry Dimmick provided the secular send off Dave would have appreciatted. Dave will be sorely missed . His book and research into Welsh cinema is the lasting testiment to his brilliance.
Saturday 30th January 2010  Iwent up to London for the storytelling Laureate launch – A fine time was had by all !
Taffy Thomas, Britain’s greatest storyteller, with a repertoire of more than 300 stories, tales and elaborate lies collected mainly from traditional oral sources and ready to be told in almost any situation. Taffy has just been named as the country’s first Laureate for Storytelling. Taffy was introduced at an event at the British Library, London,by former Children’s Laureate Michael Rosen Taffy Thomasis also artistic director of Tales in Trust, the Northern Centre for Storytelling, in Grasmere, the Lake District. His announcement as the country’s first laureate for storytelling was revealed and backed by Liverpool poet Brian Patten and Michael Rosen in September 2009. Over the next two years he will present and inspire storytelling, the oldest art form, and encourage its presence across the nation each day – on the bus, on the phone, at work, in school, on stage, in print and on radio and television..
Taffy will be in Cardiff during March 2010
Friday 22nd Jan 2010 – Role Play at the University with Theatre Iolo today – Great to work with Glenys and the Fabulous Carrie Munn again
Wednesday 20th Jan  2010 Brilliant day at Chepstow (Thornwell Primary Nursery School ) – early years  teachers are the Best !
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From Storyteller Taffy Thomas

Taffy & Chrissy Thomas would like to thank all their storytelling
friends for all the congratulatory messages since the Laureate
announcement, and for all the messages of concern since the Cumbria
floods. Ta!

The Storytelling Laureate opens a discussion.
“The Era of the Sound-bite – Friend or Enemy?”

Since the honour of my appointment as the first national storyteller
laureate, I’ve been presented with some delightful challenges. Probably
the one most nearly out of my comfort zone has been dealing with the
media. A positive has been that radio and TV producers have been far
more interested in me telling a story than talking about storytelling.
They are then prone to saying they need a story of between 2 & 3
Minutes. Instinct is to stand on my dignity and announce that the
shortest I can do is 12-15 minutes or I’ll take my ball home. This
probably wouldn’t bother them in the least, and would be an opportunity
to introduce a new audience to storytelling lost. Instead, I pondered,
remembering my meeting in the 1960s with Ruth Tongue, probably the
finest storyteller in the English tradition. She chose to tell me “Two
Men Hoeing Turnips” and “Tib’s Cat”, each of them a full and
perfectly constructed story of only about 2 minutes’ length. So
instead of declining, I gripped the nettle and considered which of my
favourite stories I could do justice to in such a short span (a short
time to me, but a longish slot in the world of radio or TV). Compromises
have to be made. Admittedly with pruning, the one thing that does go is
some of the richer and more poetic language. However, a crisper and more
declamatory style merely reflects the way of the old mummers, and of
street tellers such as the late Nathaniel of Wessex.

Anyway, my brief rendition of “The Clever Wish” on BBC Radio Four’s
“Today” (2nd November) produced a wealth of emails and phone calls,
many of which revealed it was the callers’ first meeting with our
storytelling world. It also led to two subsequent television pieces on
ITV Border and BBC “Look North”, each with a different “2 minute
story”. Amazingly the week following saw two live pieces on the
national Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, so I feel the compromise was
worthwhile and can only hope my friends and fellow tellers, after
considering the choice, would agree. The man from the BBC pointed out
that “Today” had allowed me a longer uninterrupted speech than any
politician on that programme.

Taffy Thomas
November 2009


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Richard Berry

Richard Berry

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New website

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